• Dear Mr. Fanelli,

    My name is Joe Woulfe. My fiancée and I have recently purchased a home from you and wanted to pass on our experience regarding this project with you and your team. I was inspired to do this because this morning I am sitting in our new home, enjoying my coffee and admiring the beauty of the house and your company’s workmanship. I suppose this knowledge comes from past perspective and our experience dealing with new homes and the teams of people involved with the final product. I first wanted to say that I believe people make the difference and that in all aspects of this project the people we have dealt with drove us to select the Pleasant Valley Home. We made our decision to work with Best Modular for a number of reasons. John Distefano had been one of three people we got bids from and then ultimately selected. He wasn’t our original selection, but as time working with other builders surfaced issues of integrity, John stood out as our best choice. I am in business and find that after people, the ongoing quality and consistency of follow up / service are what leaves a customer with a satisfaction level that either supports their decision or makes one feel disappointed. We are first and foremost highly satisfied with Best Modular’s entire process of service, that has been identified with – and I think this the most important element of service – his very frequent level of communication. Our experience with others has made John shine in this regard. We went from little or no communication (with one builder) to constant and frequent (almost daily) updates and meetings with John. We next were impressed with John’s team of professionals – from his administrative person to his team of craftsman that help provide a home that looks and feels like the dream home we first envisioned. We are still awed by the speed of completion as the home after delivery to the site was completed, with decks, in less than 26 days. Without sacrificing quality, John moved swiftly and was able to get the project done under our time line – that says a lot about his team! The other quality that was vital to this project was his uncommon determination to move through a highly complex bureaucracy (local township / community regulations / permits) and his up to date expertise with building codes. His confidence and ability to push through the systems were and still are impressive. I could go on and on with multiple situations where John made it happen when others were stopped dead in their tracks! In the early stages of the process, we visited your factory and were quite impressed with the facility, and the array of model homes to view, and especially the Design Center, with everything right there to view and consider. We were next impressed with Jason Brommer’s level of knowledge and how he handled all aspects of the detail needed to satisfy our home needs. He moved us through multiple decisions in a quick and professional fashion … not an easy task when working with my fiancée! As said, I am moved to write to you now because the dust has settled and the scene here in our living is one of satisfaction with our decision to work with Pleasant Valley and Best Modular.

    Best regards,
    Joe Woulfe (717-580-9081)