Our Happy Customers


  • Mr. Wayne Fanelli Pleasant Valley Modular Homes

    Dear Mr. Fanelli,
    My name is Joe Woulfe. My fiancée and I have recently purchased a home from you and wanted to pass on our experience regarding this project with you and your team. I was inspired to do this because this morning I am sitting in our new home, enjoying my coffee and admiring the beauty of the house and your company’s workmanship. I suppose this knowledge comes from past perspective and our experience dealing with new homes and the teams of people involved with the final product. I first wanted to say that I believe people make the difference and that in all aspects of this projects the people we have dealt with drove us to select the Pleasant Valley Home. We made our decision to work with Best Modular for a number of reasons. John Distefano had been one of three people we got bids from and then ultimately selected. He wasn’t our original selection, but as time working with other builders surfaced issues of integrity, John stood out as our best choice. I am in business and find that after people, the ongoing quality and consistency of follow up / service are what leaves a customer with a satisfaction level that either supports their decision or makes one feel disappointment. We are first and foremost highly satisfied with Best Modular’s entire process of service, that has been identified with – and I think this the most important element of service – his very frequent level of communication. Our experience with others has made John shine in this regard. We went from little or no communication (with one builder) to constant and frequent (almost daily) updates and meetings with John. We next were impressed with John’s team of professionals – from his administrative person to his team of craftsman that help provide a home that looks and feels like the dream home we first envisioned. We are still awed by the speed of completion as the home after delivery to the site was completed, with decks, in less than 26 days. Without sacrificing quality, John moved swiftly and was able to get the project done under our time line – that says a lot about his team! The other quality that was vital to this project was his uncommon determination to move through a highly complex bureaucracy (local township / community regulations / permits) and his up to date expertise with building codes. His confidence and ability to push through the systems were and still are impressive. I could go on and on with multiple situations where John made it happen when others were stopped dead in their tracks! In the early stages of the process, we visited your factory and were quite impressed with the facility, and the array of model homes to view, and especially the Design Center, with everything right there to view and consider. We were next impressed with Jason Brommer’s level of knowledge and how he handled all aspects of the detail needed to satisfy our home needs. He moved us through multiple decision in a quick and professional fashion … not an easy task when working with my fiancée! As said, I am moved to write to you now because the dust has settled and the scene here in our living is one of satisfaction with our decision to work with Pleasant Valley and Best Modular.

    Best regards,
    Joe Woulfe (717-580-9081)

    Joe Woulfe
  • Collado, Collado, & Fiore, P.L.L. C.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please accept this letter on behalf of the fim of Collado Collado & Fiore, PLLC, with regards to the outstanding performance of John DiStefano and Best Modular Structures, LLC, relative to the above indicated matter. We also wish to express our deepest gratitude on behalf of our client, Mr. Maldonado, who would now be homeless if it were not the diligence, hard work, persistence, and the personal relationships maintained by Best Modular and Mr. DiStefano built upon his unparalleled knowledge of the industry and untarnished reputation.

    To recapitulate what transpired in this matter, it was only after $67,000.00 was stolen from our client by a former contractor, that we contacted Mr. DiStefano. Despite numerous setbacks, amazingly he was able to bring in the project under budget with regards to the remaining funds from our clients claim. In addition, the start to finish time from when Mr. DiStefano fronted his own companies’ money in order to pay off the modular home and then transport the home to the site of the loss, then complete the project, inclusive of all permitting, utilities, and amenities was approximately 1 month. In my experience, no contractor has ever worked as efficiently or with the upfront and forthright nature of Mr. DiStefano. This does not include Mr. DiStefano’s further efforts to furnish the house from materials provided by Mr. DiStefano out of his own assets, and with no ulterior motive but his own altruism.

    It has truly been a pleasure working with Mr. DiStefano, and I would recommend him for any construction job that needed to be completed within requisite budgets and strict timelines, regardless of hindering influences from any source.

    If you have any questions regarding this reference, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

    Andrew J. Fiore
    Collado, Collado, & Fiore, P.L.L. C.
  • March 13, 2013

    Dear John and Irene

    A belated but heartfelt THANK YOU to you both for a job well done! We cannot thank you and your crew enough for all of your hard work, great ideas, consistent progress and reassuring communications in regard with all aspects of the building process.  After your strong recommendation, we visited Pleasant Valley Modular Homes in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. We viewed the model home and we were delighted to see the variety and quality of the cabinetry, woodwork and design. We visited the factory and were thoroughly impressed with the quality material and workmanship in the building process. We were sold on the Pleasant Valley factory, Rodney in sales and on you.

    You were instrumental in our success in obtaining the needed building permits and variances to build the home we wanted. It was an unexpected surprise that we could design our home with your help and the help of the talented people at Pleasant Valley, to include all our “wish list items” on a very limited building envelope. We were also delighted to have received all the required permits on the first “go around”! When we think back on the process we know hiring you, a well respected contractor with an extensive network, was one of our smarter moves.

    We were delighted and relieved when our home was delivered and set on schedule in less than desirable weather. Your set crew was fantastic and so well orchestrated. What stands out most to us, reflecting on our experiences with you, your crew and Pleasant Valley Modular Homes, is how professional everyone was and how well everyone communicated with us throughout each and every step in the building process. Whenever we needed an update you or your foreman Vito returned our call and patiently and concisely told us exactly what was happening and what would happen next. Any “problem” was dealt with in a well thought out manner. Getting Lipa Keyspan to move the utility pole 10 feet was amazing since they told us it could not be done. You seem to have a lot of connections!

    On many occasions we would visit the site and talk with your foreman Vito and crew and they treated us in a friendly and respectful manor. Vito especially, helped us with several additional projects like closets, mailboxes and planter boxes. He was willing to accommodate our requests and wishes. He was really instrumental in helping with the finishing touches which truly brought a lot of joy and satisfaction. We really think that you John have a true talent for “seeing things”. All of your on site suggestions in improving the landscape has added greatly to the house aesthetics and our living comfort. The basement door and entry way, the large basement bay window, the platform for the a/c and generator units, the front porch and overhang, the side deck, and finally the walkway masonry, were priceless.

    You saw things, made recommendations and executed the plan with such efficiency and quality workmanship. All the workers were very skilled and we could not be happier with the final product. We had a lot of anxiety with the HERS rating and obtaining all the final inspections. Once again, you did what you said and said what you did and because of that we have had a very satisfying experience and we are thoroughly enjoying our new home.

    We also want to thank you for coming to our aid, at all times of day and night as we were learning the use of our heating and a/c systems and such. It was amazing to us when we left you a text on a Sunday, just to let you know what we were experiencing, and you arrived at our house that same day, on a Sunday to correct something so that we would be comfortable.

    We could go on but we think you get our meaning when we say “Thank you”. We would give you and your crew the highest recommendation and we would welcome sharing our experiences with any prospective home owner.

    You are a man of your word and it doesn’t get better than that. We trusted you and you did not let us down.

    On behalf of our whole family, again, we thank you.


    Diane & Charles Guida

    Diane & Charles Guida
  • Energy Efficient Construction Consulting


    I thought that you would like to know that 101 Lewis Road, East Quogue tested out as one of the tightest homes I have ever measured. It certainly was the tightest modular home I have ever tested. Energy Star requires that homes be built so they are less than 5 air changes per hour while depressurized to 50 Pascal’s or 5ACH50. Your home was measured to be 2ACH50. The only time I have ever measured a home where the infiltration was this low was where the insulation was sprayed in to the cavity’s (2 part foam), and where the attic was also a conditioned zone. While this may be a viable option for builders who are trying to build super efficient homes, it comes at a very high cost. I have seen estimates for this type of insulation, for a home this size over $15,000. You and the modular plant should be commended for the quality on this home.

    As a side note, The annual heating bill is expected to be less than $2,000 per year and cooling to be less than $300 per year ! ! ! I would love to get a follow up on this home in a year or two to verify the  performance!

    Lastly, on any energy star labeled home ventilation is very important. Having a home this tight absolutely requires that the ventilation system be maintained. The combination of ventilation and building a tight home is the holy grail of building science.


    Glenn Hooper
    Residential Energy Conservation